Trans Drag Lady Lulu, 39 years

Trans Drag Lady Lulu, 39 years

| Germany Munchen

Services Description
1 hour rate: 900$
2 hours rate: 900$
3 hours rate: 1200$
Full night rate: 1900$
Gender: transsexual
Age: 39
Weight: 70
Height: 187
Bust size: A
Eyes: Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Nationality: Germany
City: Munchen
Country: Germany

Welcome, bienvenu, welcome to my variety show of pleasure. Be my guest, succumb to the magic of my transformation and immerse yourself in my world of passion, lust and sensual eroticism.

My name is Drag Lady Lulu — the lady with that «certain something». Biologically I am male, but I love to transform myself into a female being and slip into different roles.

I am a gender performer in shows, as a fetish model, as a tantric dominatrix … I am a pansexual explorer, player, artist in the fields of being, pleasure and sexuality.

My passions are role play in tantric domination, bondage, feminization and latex play. I also enjoy celebrating tantric BDSM rituals, accompanying you on sensual/meditative body journeys and giving tantric BDSM and fetish massages. Depending on the setting, the focus of a session will be on the tension triangle of pleasure, relaxation and healing. I do not design my sessions according to a script, but adapt to you intuitively. I see my sessions as unique artistic happenings in the interaction of the participants, as a celebration of the conscious moment and the joy of life.
Tantric dominance forms the framework of my play. By consciously combining pleasure with heart and my experience, I create a space in which you can let yourself go. I will guide and accompany you on our journey through sensuality and lust and will catch you safely at the end. Awareness, mutual respect, acceptance of what is as well as trust and closeness to the heart form the basis on which everything else unfolds.

I can be booked nationwide and will be happy to accompany you to a wide variety of events — whether dinner, performance, party, etc. — You will stand out with me, because I am already 187 cm tall without heels … we will have our performance and fun … I love to build up the sexual tension slowly and then ride the waves of lust intensively …

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